When sin is blocking the view

Keeping an eye on the state of the wilderness

11:00 a.m. Wednesday October 13, 2021. 78F/25C.

The forest is warm. A strong wind is blowing against the treetops. Bugs flee one weed and hide under another as feet stir up the soil. A storm is brewing but the forest trees still bear a bitter and sweet green aroma. A storm is brewing but there is no scent of rain. A storm is brewing, but here on the ground everything remains as it was yesterday.

The book of Ezekiel, chapter fourteen

Abba Father, it is out of weariness that I request your peace, your favor and your mercy to fall down on your people. As we read your word, the Bible, please grant us the privilege of knowing you in a greater way. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Ezekiel’s reputation as a prophet grew each time God gave him one of the unusual prophecies to deliver. Men “sat” before Ezekiel. In other words, they came to Ezekiel to ask for God’s opinion of their situations. As if they expected Ezekiel to be a fortune-teller.

God was still angry at the Jewish people.

Then came certain of the elders of Israel unto me, and sat before me.

And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their heart, and put the stumblingblock of their iniquity before their face: should I be enquired of at all by them?

Jewish men came and sat before Ezekiel, as if on a spiritual journey to see a master. God leaned toward earth and told Ezekiel about their spiritual journey. For them, seeing Ezekiel was simply a leg of the journey that began with climbing a hill to worship Asherah poles. None of the men had repented of idol worship. It was no wonder they needed Ezekiel to inquire of God for them. They couldn’t see God because their sins stood in the way.

They were disrespectful. They knew God’s hatred of idols. On that day, they treated YHWH as simply another god for the tourist to go see.

Our God is God. They were about to find out how broad God’s knowledge was.

Life in the hollow, Wednesday

The closest town to the cabin is a haven of hillbilly tourism. Every time I drive down one major street, I see this man carving statues from large tree trunks, with a chainsaw. I’m not joking. He carves with a chainsaw. The sculptor has filled a paved corner lot with totem poles, horses and carved benches. When I turned the corner yesterday, a wooden sasquatch was staring into the truck, straight at me. It gave me an uneasy feeling. The day went downward from there.

Everybody I saw at various businesses in town was drained from Covid or deaths or financial burdens.

Listen up demon, we are the people united by faith in Jesus. In Jesus’ name I bind and cast out any and all curses, vexes, hexes, spells or charms. I say to all demonic spirits to leave us now! And one more for you – I speak a blessing on the human sender of the curse, that he or she may be blessed with repentance and faith in almighty God.

I stand. Our God is God.

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