When life is waning

Pictures never quite do justice to the layers of small places, sunlit and shaded, in the forest

10:15 a.m. Monday October 18, 2021. 59F/15C.

The patterns made by sunlight streaming through the leaves are stunning this morning. Despite a half dozen passes by the jet planes, the air is clean and puts energy into steps. A few stones larger than pebbles, have dislodged and slid down the eastern ridge onto the dirt road. These flat-topped 2” deep stones will make excellent footpaths around the cabin. But a smaller stone is chosen for its glossy white surface and sharp-edged flatness. It is cool and smooth and fits nicely in the hand. Tall trees hold onto their leaves. They are less green than in the summer. Only a few are showing red or yellow. A big woodpecker sets off its rapid fire knocking on the eastern ridge. Another answers off to the south with its odd clucking sounds. A turkey caught between the two chatters loudly. The air beneath the gum tree has not lost all of its sweetness, but like the essence of all life, it does wane.

The book of Ezekiel, chapter fourteen

Abba Father, I commit my life to you from my position among the people of the bride of Jesus. Please open the meanings in your word, the Bible, as we read today. Amen.

God decreed four kinds of desolation that he might use in lands that sin against him. The first was the breaking of the staff of bread, or in other words, famine. The second was a stampede of beasts. The elephant and a large wild ox were known to the ancient people, although in Ezekiel’s day, these became rare. With only a little imagination, a migrating herd of such animals could be seen to destroy several cities, villages and farms.

Throughout each act of punishment, God stated that each individual would be judged according to the contents of their hearts. He listed Daniel, Noah and Job as three of the most righteous men that lived. Even if all three lived in the land, the land would not be spared.

If I cause noisome beasts to pass through the land, and they spoil it, so that it be desolate, that no man may pass through because of the beasts:

Though these three men were in it, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters; they only shall be delivered, but the land shall be desolate.

Salvation would be impossible then, for a sinner who saw God’s wrath coming and quickly hired on at a righteous man’s household. The sinner would still be destroyed and the righteous man would be saved.

God would see to it that each human was judged according to the content of their own heart.

Life in the hollow, Monday

I’m constructing a new greenhouse to replace one that collapsed. We’ll see how this one holds up. There is much to learn about living out here. Much that I do is dependent upon hearing the voice of God’s Spirit and sometimes by setting out a fleece to make sure that it’s him.

I made a note yesterday to drive into town today. “Do not make plans. For you do not know if tomorrow will come.” “Rise in the morning and ask me.”

So, after prayer today, I asked if I should go into town. “Write for me,” was his response.

Sometimes I catch myself sinning and it gives me a needed adrenaline rush to get back to being one of the bride of Christ. And the next words I heard were, “Lest you sin, keep watch over your heart. Carry with you, the scriptures, at all times.”

I pondered how does a person go to pick up groceries with a Bible in their hand? “Put them in your heart.”

Oh! Sometimes I take things too literally.

I’m fasting today, but not from food. My leaning toward diabetes seems to have made fasting a near impossibility. So, I’m fasting from internet videos and games. That’s my favorite evening, wind-down activity. I’ve replaced it with a podcast or two and some Bible reading.

The first night of the fast, I slept like a baby.

Wow. What a wonderful gift!

All this work and fasting and introspection is because my nation, the USA, seems to be flushing itself down a sewer. I’m asking God to expose the massive corruption within government and media before he lets go with his wrath against us.

You see, there are among us, individuals who only listen to the television or newspaper or social media. Of the people I know who will not research the issues, each are reacting to fear. Fear acts as a dense fog that clouds their ability to see all that is happening.

We’ll see if God likes the idea of exposing corruption to save my loved ones and others. But for now, this small but repetitive, kowtowing to evil is causing the essence of many lives to wane.

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