It’s being resolved

Lots of these butterflies this year!

Noon Tuesday May 10, 2022. 82F/28C.

Life abounds in the hollow. As the forest recovers from the onslaught it received last year, new birds and animals seem to be thriving. So far, the golden echinacea have not come back, but summer just got started. Potato dandelions bloom in a neat line of yellow gold along the drive to the cabin. The air is hot, making strands of hair and little wayward leaves stick to the surface of the skin, refusing to be brushed off. A bobwhite calls from off to the west its lovely whistling name, “who-wheet, who-wheet”. A brown turtle seems to be looking over several edible plants, but upon closer inspection, the turtle’s shell is coated with a tent spider web. She notices being watched, but chances one more look into a web draped over a decaying tree. She pokes her nose into the entry funnel of the tent-like web and pulls out several small spiders to eat. An adult spider scurries away to hide under brown leaves, as she chews contentedly.

the potato dandelion has five points on each tiny ray

The book of Ezekiel, chapter forty

Abba Father, grant us the joy of life in you! Please reveal to us the meanings in your word, the Bible. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Ezekiel was on a tour of a temple. The temple appears to have been on the southern slope of a very high mountain in Israel. Where that very high mountain was, is anyone’s guess. Zion? Mount Gerizim? Mount Ebal? Shiloh? Moriah? What became apparent as Ezekiel followed along after a heavenly being, was that the temple was a heavenly structure, superimposed atop an earthly structure.

The temple complex had an outer wall around the entire complex, probably forming a square. The outer wall contained three gatehouses for entering: one on the south, one on the east and one on the north.

Just within the outer wall was a courtyard. As Ezekiel and the heavenly being walked inward, they came to an inner wall. The inner wall contained three gatehouses for entering: on the south, east and north.

Ezekiel continued his narrative:

And he brought me to the inner court by the south gate: and he measured the south gate according to these measures;

And the little chambers thereof, and the posts thereof, and the arches thereof, according to these measures: and there were windows in it and in the arches thereof round about: it was fifty cubits long, and five and twenty cubits broad.

It seemed important to the heavenly being that Ezekiel should notice how each of the six gatehouses were built. Ezekiel dutifully noted each measurement. Were they all identical? An outer wall gatehouse had seven steps leading to it and an inner wall gatehouse had eight steps. Is it important? Seven is the number of God’s completions and eight is the number of new beginnings.

And the arches round about were five and twenty cubits long, and five cubits broad.

The tunnel shaped passage through the gatehouse would have taken about 30-40 paces to walk through. It was at least as tall as a one story house. There were small chambers along that passageway: three to the right and three to the left.

And the arches thereof were toward the utter court; and palm trees were upon the posts thereof: and the going up to it had eight steps.

The arches that were fashioned like palm trees were outward facing on the inner wall. Also, on the outward side were eight stair steps leading up to the gatehouse.

It was an ideal temple. As far as I know, it was never built. Or was it? Ezekiel saw and believed in something that no one else could see. He left his stories for us to read today.

She decided to hide from me

Life in the hollow, Tuesday

I’m so delighted at the health of the forest this year. The weather modifying jet planes have slowed down their spraying somewhat. Only a minor amount of chemicals can be seen floating in the waters, down what ought to be a pristine mountainside. I have not had to bury any more animals since November of last year. Last summer, I could set bugs that I found in the cabin, outside and they died upon exposure to the air. Pollinators died. A neighbor got a big skin cancer.

Thanks to asking God to superimpose the barracks of his heavenly army on this forest, we are doing better.

I have potato dandelion this year, which I’m eager to dig up and cook. I just want to see how they taste! Is that wild onion? I’ll wait for it to bloom. Stinging nettle has popped up across the road. Yay! I love that stuff.

I’m fighting back with prayer, and declarations and sending the host of heaven on assignments.

In Matthew 26, Jesus chose not to ask for twelve legions of angels to resolve his situation. He would go on to achieve his father’s purpose on the cross:

Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels? But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?

My God-given destiny seems to be in fighting back. I’ll use those angels. It doesn’t really matter what you call them: legions of angels, warring angels, hosts of heaven. The point is, Jesus had them and we have them available to us.

As Christians, when we have troubles that seem bigger than life, we can request that God sends us warring angels to fight demons on our behalves. We can command those warrior beings to fight demons and resolve non-human matters, like find a creative solution to an invasion of tent spiders.

I never imagined that I would be saying that…

I cannot say where these beings are lodged, but it seems like they are off to the west of the cabin, near the creek. I occasionally see unexplained sparkles in that direction. They will clean chemicals out of the air. They will protect weak animals from the chemicals falling on them from the sky.

They are really good with a targeted lightning bolt treatment for destructive tree fungus. Remember to take cover a few hundred feet back from it.

Few people choose to believe in something they cannot see. What can be done to urge them to believe what they don’t know? We simple tell again our stories about the richness of life on this side of believing in Jesus!

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