About adapting sin to new situations

rain again

9 a.m. Sunday May 15, 2022. 67F/19C.

The roaring of jet planes began an hour or two after midnight. After that, lightning and thunder boomed in response. This morning the forest seems to be a single mass of dripping wet green. The birds are silent. The creek is splashing. A few greens were collected for breakfast by slogging through the sandy mush that surrounds the cabin. Many of the broad leafed greens were beaten down over night. Wild onions stand upright. They are about to bloom. Hundreds of skinny buds wave atop thin but sturdy green stems. Wild onion picking will be good this year. Rain is causing the fallen trees to decay a little faster. The earthy aroma around the biggest fallen tree is refreshing. As the rain lets up, a crow caws.

Note that north is to the right, which is also how Sir Isaac Newton drew out the temple. photocopy from blogger GW’s study Bible https://collinsgw.wordpress.com/ezekiel-chap-40-temple-vision/

The book of Ezekiel, chapter forty

Abba Father, I praise you, your ways, your words. There is truly none like you. Please reveal to us the meanings in your word the Bible. I pray in the name of your word Jesus. Amen.

There is something odd about the layout of the temple complex that I failed to research, not that I have firm answers about a structure that I believe is supernatural mixed with natural.

Verse 40:2 reads:

In the visions of God brought he me into the land of Israel, and set me upon a very high mountain, by which was as the frame of a city on the south.

In the God-given visions, God took Ezekiel into the land of Israel and set him down on a very steep mountain. From the south, Ezekiel could see a complex of buildings within a wall. I have been assuming that Ezekiel saw the complex on the south side of the mountain. Could Ezekiel have been standing on a mountain to the south of the temple?

I keep seeing in my mind, Mount Gerizim, the southernmost of two mountains in Samaritan territory. It was God’s chosen place during the era of Joshua, at least 700 years prior to Ezekiel. There are many interesting things about the two mountains, Gerizim and Ebal. With these two mountains in the background, Deuteronomy 11 was written:

Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse;

Gerizim from Biblewalks.com

Ebal was the mount of curses and Gerizim was the mount of blessings. Ebal was mostly stones. Gerizim had a stream and was rich with produce. Gerizim had two peaks, a fact that is symbolically rich for Christians. One tradition places the altar of Abraham at Gerizim. Another tradition places Salem, the city of Melchizedek at Shechem. God chose the area of the two mountains for Joshua’s worship.

Modern historians have argued that no proof of Joshua or his worship center exists, and they therefore disputed every story of Joshua. That is, until our generation. The altar of Joshua’s curses has been found on Ebal, but not on the side that faces Gerizim. Researchers before our era had never looked on the northeast side of Ebal. So far, nobody has looked on the south side of Gerizim either. Why not? Because not the sister mountain, nor the other peak, nor the city of Shechem, could be seen from the remote sides of the mountains.

And that is exactly where we should have been looking.

from Gerizim page at BibleWalks.com

There is a city on the remote side of Gerizim called Har Brakha, or “The Hill of Blessing”. The har could have been a hill. Hills were constructed during the bronze age while covering decommissioned structures. Joshua’s altar of curses on Mount Ebal was locally called Hat hill, because for thousands of years it had been decommissioned, covered by a heap of stones and it took the shape of a hat. Could Har Brakha be the location of Joshua’s altar of blessings?

The front of Ezekiel’s temple faced east. That fact is confusing because if the temple was on a southern slope, it would set the northern gate up against the wall of the mountain, possibly leading into a cave, and the holiest place along the western wall might become accessible from above. But along the south of Mount Gerizim, a ridge runs up and across the mountain’s two peaks. That ridge, with some excavation, could provide adequate level ground for a temple complex. Intrusions on the Holy of Holies could be prevented by placing the western wall above a cliff.

I suggest that one possible site for the supernatural temple of Ezekiel’s vision was either Mount Gerizim or Mount Ebal.

Only thy holy things which thou hast, and thy vows, thou shalt take, and go unto the place which the LORD shall choose:

-Deuteronomy 12:26

The Lord chose the first worship site. He chose the Gerizim/Ebal/Shechem locale in Joshua’s day. Ezekiel might have revealed the site of his visions, if he saw adequate remorse among the Jews in exile. It seemed instead, that quite a few prominent exiles were adjusting their sins to life in Babylonia just fine.

Life in the hollow, Sunday

As I take quick glimpses of the state of our world, coupled with memories of my own past, I get a better understanding that the Lord has me hidden here for my own good…

…and possibly for his.

I observe. I read his word. I write. I spend hours in prayer, and in taking care of this tired old body.

The fantastic spiritual beings of my imagination spent one more day mourning over the death of “dog”, which was the name of a fox that lived near here. Spirit bear danced for him, imitating some of the motions a fox would make: pouncing the ground and rolling on an itch. Other spirit beings came and danced with him until all of his grief was completely expressed.

Are they real heavenly beings? (maybe) Demonic beings? (not so likely) My imagination? (a real possibility).

What kind of a heaven would God choose? What kinds of heavenly beings would God choose? Would God choose the ones who spend an extra day expressing grief, never saying one to another, “Isn’t it time to get over it? Do you need medications? Want me to drive you to your doctor’s office?” Would he choose heavenly beings that spend an extra day saying, “Pick me. Let me weep and dance with you today.”

I wish someone had wept with me one of those times when I was drugged, beaten and raped. I wish someone had helped me grieve over the part of me that felt dead. I really enjoy the lessons of the spirit bear.

I’ll never be able to adapt my sins to life in the wilderness. I’ll be rid of all sin. I’ll be covered by the blood of Jesus, forgiven with all sin dumped into the sea of forgetfulness. Only with Jesus will that happen. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

3 thoughts on “About adapting sin to new situations

  1. “The front of Ezekiel’s temple faced east. That fact is confusing because if the temple was on a southern slope, it would set the northern gate up against the wall of the mountain, possibly leading into a cave, and the holiest place along the western wall might become accessible from above.”

    This had me confused too. But in the NKJV: “In the visions of God, He took me into the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain; on it TOWARD the south was something like the structure of a city.” Ezekiel 40:2 NKJV.
    It might not be on the slope of the mountain, but on yet flat area near the southern slope. Maybe? We aren’t really told which way the structure faced, adding to the obscurity of it all.

    But I now have many more questions. I will list them then post them on another comment. Some research I have been looking into many are saying Ezekiel’s temple is a complete mystery, not fitting the description of any known temple between Ezekiel’s time to our present time.

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  2. In my research I found a few sources that answered all my questions. I must say it was exhilarating having found a mystery to become excited about. The answers are satisfying, but the mystery is gone. Sorry to bother you.

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