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Answers and stories

11:30 a.m. Friday August 12, 2022. 76F/25C.

Comfort. Shades around the cabin windows are wide open. The yard was littered with tiny puffball mushrooms, too small for eating, but one was picked anyway. Less than an inch across, it was firm and white. One easy cut revealed that it was all white on the inside. A string-like stem held it to the ground, now making it appear as a small balloon on a string. The aroma of nettle and mushrooms fills the cabin. A barking critter is outside making his stand. Whether it is animal or bird, cannot be discerned by the sound. Deep green leaves gently move back and forth on their branches. Cold tea causes the cup to sweat as it sits next to the computer keyboard. Comfort.

The book of Ezekiel, chapter forty seven

Abba Father, give me the words please to describe your love for me to the world. Please reveal to us the meanings in your word the Bible. In the name of your word Yeshua Jesus, I pray. Amen.

God described to Ezekiel the new borders of Israel. Israel has not seen these borders, so I would call this a prophecy that has not yet come to pass. I believe that if God took the time to describe this to Ezekiel, he will see that it is done.

And the east side ye shall measure from Hauran, and from Damascus, and from Gilead, and from the land of Israel by Jordan, from the border unto the east sea. And this is the east side.

Hauran, Gilead, and Damascus seem to have all been references to regions, not cities, east of the Jordan valley and northeast of the Jordan. The border dropped down from a spot along the Euphrates, encompassed the regions of Hauran, Damascus and Gilead, from the border of Israel, which we do not today know, to the ancient east sea, which is likely a word for the eastern fork of the Red Sea.

Israel in God’s description was a good deal wider than it is today. It includes all of the Jordan Valley.

The eastern border landmarks:

Location names for the “twisted cord” marking the borders of IsraelWhere is it?What does the word mean?
HauranA region east of Jordan valleyCaverns
DamascusSouthern Syria, not far from Lebanon or from Mount HermonSilent is the sackcloth weaver, a sack full of blood, or the similitude of burning
GileadA region east of the Jordan valleyA rocky region
IsraelPresumably, the land of Israel in Ezekiel’s dayGod prevails
JordanValley that runs north-south through Israel, through the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Seadescender
East seaProbably the eastern fork of the Red SeaAncient, former, they that went before, east, a thing of old

If we weave together the names of the markers of the eastern border, we get a dark picture of caverns of burning and bloodshed in a rocky region. God prevails over the descender, that ancient thing that went before. That’s a picture of Satan, the spirit behind idolatry.

I’m not sure if the names of the landmarks on Israel’s future borders are important, but I will say that our God loves to tell stories. Yes, he is a story teller and his human audience sits enthralled by his words. The Bible is full of stories. Bright or dark, they were written down.

Life in the hollow, Friday

I came across a blog yesterday and what I read halted everything I was doing until I came to a place of peace within myself. The writer was unsure of any belief in God. She listed all the normal reasons why not to believe in God. Why would a loving God allow disabled babies to be born into a family? Why would God allow evil? I once asked the very same questions!

I still cannot answer those “why” questions.

But I know God, and he energizes my heart. I wrote in my journal one day that when I get to heaven, I want to throw a party for everyone who was autistic on earth, and play and meet at the river of life. As I wrote, I heard the voice of Yeshua Jesus speaking, “Yes! And I want to be there!”

For several months now, I’ve been embarrassed by that voice. The adult in me is scolding. You know that scream with a whisper while you’re being pulled by the ear, out of the way? “What were you thinking? You don’t invite a king to a party of autistic people! One of us will for sure say something embarrassing! We’re autistic. It’s a given!”

It has taken me several months to realize that Yeshua Jesus is not just kind to disabled people as a part of his job, he LOVES us. He loves to be among us. He loves to talk to us and listen to what we love. He loves to socialize with all sorts of people. On earth, he went to wedding parties and feasts and sought out the disabled. His attitude was so unusual that he drew crowds every where he went. He loved saying to hurt people, “Be of good cheer.” By the crowds he drew, they loved seeing and hearing him do so.

I can imagine him, a rabbi in a rabbi’s robe, walking as did everyone in his day. Abruptly he stops and says quite sternly, “Who touched me?” And when the woman, healed from her uncleanliness, finally confessed her touch to the hem of his robe, his countenance changed. It was not his intent to scold her. No, he wished to know her. “Daughter, be of good cheer. Your faith has made you whole. Go in peace.”

Yeshua Jesus is a-whole-nother kind of love. He learned it from his Father. God is love.

I do not have answers, but I have stories.


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