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Sin will be judged

Look! A new bloom to identify

10:30 a.m. Tuesday August 16, 2022. 74F/23C.

Stones. Mushrooms of all varieties have sprung up overnight. Orange, brown and white bubbles have appeared all around the forest. Inspecting them makes a great meandering morning walk. But off to the south, an oddity appears. The fragrance is just as sweet as usual. That is fine. The air is cool, as it should be in the mountains on a cloudy day. All is well there. A circle of stones is arranged on the ground. Have long buried stones been washed clear of soil in the latest storm? Is this a remnant of our ancient ancestors? It is too small for a tipi site. There is an opening in the circle, and a pathway leading to it, pointing precisely south. My ancestors built with entrances to the east, not south. This is modern. There is no charcoal and no scorching from any campfire. One stone is touched, “I cleanse you stone for the kingdom of almighty God in the name of Yeshua.” The stone feels cold, gritty, and lifeless. Upon stepping into the center of the circle, the roar of jet engines overhead becomes intense and loud. A spider drops down from the leaf canopy and begins to swing toward the nose. Insects and smoky odors suddenly seem very close. An internal voice speaks, “May I suggest you dismantle the circle from outside of it?” Stones.

I’ve never seen this mushroom before.

The book of Ezekiel, chapter forty eight

Abba Father, thank you for protection. Whatever has moved onto this property, I know that it will be submissive to the name of Yeshua Jesus. Please reveal to us the meanings in your word, the Bible. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

A boundary in ancient in ancient times was designated by lining up smooth stones on the ground.

I’m telling you, finding that weird circle on my property this morning, caused me to think. Is someone casting spells and that is why I’m having so much spiritual warfare? Is that why I keep having to pray, to call on God to grant his guardians? Oh my. Well, I’ve broken the circle of stones. I’ve started the cleansing prayers over it.

Okay. Back to Ezekiel 48.

Now these are the names of the tribes. From the north end to the coast of the way of Hethlon, as one goeth to Hamath, Hazarenan, the border of Damascus northward, to the coast of Hamath; for these are his sides east and west; a portion for Dan.

In that verse, the “names” of the tribes actually meant the markers, or the landmarks. In other words, “Ezekiel, call this next part the landmarks of tribal territories”. And here is a look at God’s landmarks:

Location names for marking the borders of IsraelWhere is it?What does the word mean?
NorthThe northern most pointHidden, dark, gloomy
CoastThe entire Mediterranean coastlinePower, open hand, direction, border
HethlonModern day Lebanon or Syria, not on the coast, possibly a valleyWrapped up, hiding place, enswathed
Hamath/ChamathModern day Syria, possibly on the Orontes riverFortress, wall, citadel
Hazar-enan, or simply EnanProbably SyriaFountain, spring, or eye. The word Hazar, or village, was assumed. God only called the place Enan. Why?
DamascusSouthern Syria, not far from Lebanon or from Mount Hermon
Silent is the sackcloth weaver, a sack full of blood, or the similitude of burning
NorthThe northern most pointHidden, dark, gloomy
CoastThe entire Mediterranean coastlinePower, open hand, direction, border
Hamath/ChamathModern day Syria, possibly on the Orontes riverFortress, wall, citadel
EastThe eastern borderFore, front
WestThe Mediterranean seaThe great sea, a noisy surf, south, west
DanThe northernmost territoryJudge

If we draw the border right through those cities, that is where people assume the cities are today, the border line would meander all over the northern map. It’s more of a journey.

As far as these landmarks weaving a story, the only thing I see is a description of a place. Wrapped up and hidden in a fortress is a spring. The fortress is a place of gloom. With two surrounding walls, it sits near or among the gentiles. The gentiles will be used when it is judged.

Sin will be judged.

Mushroom? Pitcher plant?

Life in the hollow, Tuesday

I’m never sure what God will show me when I start reading the Bible, or when I go for a walk. I’ll do some more to break down a formation that looks like the beginning of an occult structure outdoors, to the south. Right now, my legs are burning with the itch of about a hundred chigger bites. I do not remember ever seeing the circle before. When was it constructed? The stones are buried, about an inch down, in a spot that stays dry. It could be from former property owners, around five years ago. Could all my problems with sasquatch and ET (both turned out to be demons) and electrical failures have been caused by this?

I forgive the person who did this to me and to this property. I speak blessings. In the name of Yeshua Jesus, I send their incantations back into the holes they crawled out of, and, in accordance with the teachings of Yeshua Jesus, I speak blessings on the sender. I claim that person for salvation by my well-loved Father, through acceptance of Yeshua, and through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Now, Holy Spirit can deal with the person. My part is soon done.

Sin will be judged.


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