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Seek first the kingdom of heaven

lichen on a fallen branch

Saturday January 21, 2023. 43F/6C.

Shabbat. The golden feral cat is acting less like a feral, and more like a pet. He hits the cabin door when he gets hungry and meows loudly as he does. As darkness approaches, he demands an additional snack. He is growing larger than an average cat would grow, and certainly larger than his mother was. Who knows what breed he might be? A day of rest is nearing its end. The scent of the outdoors is fresher than expected. The water of the creek nearly runs clear again, a couple days after a hard rain. The ground is soft but not slippery, and there are large dry stones near the water’s edge that help feet stay put. The water in the stream is cool and seems to always feel softer than the water from the kitchen faucet. It is a joy to touch. Hands dry rapidly after skimming it. Perhaps this summer, a pair of wading shoes should be purchased, just something thin, to keep the crawdads from pinching toes. It is a day to play. Shabbat.

The Gospel of Matthew, chapter six

Abba Father, thank you for a day of rest. Thank you for the inspiration to take this day without guilt, without anxiety. Thank you. Please stay near with help as we read the Bible. In the name of Yeshua Jesus, I ask. Amen.

Therefore, do not sigh, saying, ‘What to eat?’ – ‘What will we drink?’ – or ‘What will we wear?’ The peoples are asking all this. Your Father knows that you need this. Ask first the kingdom of El [God], then more, and you will have all of this. So, do not sigh for the day of tomorrow, for the day of tomorrow will think about itself, and the day will supply unto its trouble.”

– from chapter 6, the Sepharadic Gospel of Matityahu, translation by Justin van Rensburg

There were many followers of Yeshua who wished to become one of his talmidim, his disciples, but they were not ready in their hearts. They worried. They needed someone to supply their food and drink and shelter and clothing. But that was not the purpose of Yeshua’s teaching. His purpose was faith. Their first act of discipleship needed to be perfect, unyielding faith. Such a prerequisite turned many followers away.

The only ones left of the great crowd were the needy, the ones in need of healing redemption. They alone understood how to give up all to God and trust in him to supply.

Life in the hollow, Saturday

As far as today is concerned, I have need of nothing. I cannot say often enough what a blessing it is to take a day of rest between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday. And what a blessing it is to be able to see the manifestation, the image of Yeshua who comes near.

So, I asked him yesterday, what he wanted us to remember about him.

Peace,” he said. “Great peace in your heart when I arrive. Amen.

When we seek first the arrival of Yeshua Jesus into our hearts, everything else will be provided by our heavenly Father.



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