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Pay attention. A new day.

1 p.m. Sunday January 22, 2023. 41F/5C.

Sunrise. Since the beginning of day, the sun has not shone through. The bank of cloud is thick. Water that rushes through the creek is cold, a little too cold on old arthritic fingers, but in the new day ahead, when Yeshua heals all ills, it will be good. A single jet roars overhead, likely dropping more cloud into what has already accumulated. The landscape is rusty brown at ground level, fresh about a human height above, and all gray above that. Tree limbs are brittle, except for one that has grown into the path to the creek. One limb will not break, and has something green running in a streak along the length of it inside. It is a good day. It is winter. The sun will set and the sun will rise. Amen.

The Gospel of Matthew, chapter seven

Abba Father, with much praise and with very much gratitude, we live this new day. Let your will be done in heaven, on earth, and in the heart of man. Amen.

Moreover Yeshua Mashiach said unto his talmidim, “Do not execute judgment, then judgment will not be executed against you, for with the measure that you let go, so you will be let go. You see the splinter in the eye of your companion, and do not regard the beam in your eyes. And how will you speak to your brother to remove the splinter from his eye, while the beam is in your eyes? You who show yourself right, cast away the beam from your eyes, and afterwards you may come to remove the splinter from the eyes of your brother.”

from the Sepharadic gospel of Matityahu, chapter seven, translated by Justin van Rensburg

Jesus, Yeshua, messiah, said to his disciples that they should not act on their judgment of others. For whatever action they take against another, such will be the action taken against them. Then Yeshua in the same sentence shifted into speaking of splinters and beams obstructing our vision.

Any person who has observed the human race has seen our human desire to point out our own sins as they rise up in others.

So, be careful. Do not be quick to pass judgment on others. For the sin we so easily see is quite likely the sin we daily commit.


Life in the hollow, Sunday

On Friday night, in the night, I woke and could not get back to sleep. It was tempting to play a game on a tablet, but Yeshua popped into my field of vision.

When a spirit appears in our field of vision, it is a good idea to pay attention, either to rebuke it if it is demonic, or to listen if it is from heaven.

I watched as he sorted cubes, as though he was playing with them, ordering them, organizing them. Some were large and some were small. Some were elongated, and some were square. They were white with a sort of raised panel on each side of the cube. The cubes floated in the air. They each had some sort of blue-gray inscription on them, in their lower right panel corners.

Were they numbers? Or letters?

He said, quite pleased, “Names. Abba names them all.” He continued to rearrange, sort, and order the cubes as they bobbed around in the air, and then the cubes took off, floating in lines.

They were evenly spaced, as if electrons or molecules might be floating on currents of electricity or plasma. The floating cubes caught the attention of angels, birds, and animals, who played with them and played on them. They seemed to create both beauty and melody as they floated away.

Was that music I heard?

Praise to Abba,” he said.

When I see this image of Yeshua, and he is concentrating on something, he is intensely focused. His purity is even more than a child’s and his intelligence is beyond my comprehension.

Was that a current of … electricity?

Love,” he corrected, as if to say that the cubes were ordered and sorted and floating on a current of love, more powerful than forces we know of in our world.

After a day of questions and guesses and hints, I finally guessed the nature of the cubes.

Are they alive? They could come to life, he hinted. Books! Maybe? More than books. The cubes were ideas, floating out to men.

Good ideas,” he confirmed the identity of the cubes.

How fascinating. That the Holy Spirit could simply say to some person, “Pay attention. I’m sending some good ideas out to mankind tonight!” But he did not. Instead he woke one person to demonstrate an unusual process by which he inspires men.

A new day is coming. Good ideas have been released into the atmosphere. Pay attention. Be sure to catch one.


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