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He drew the lost

1 p.m. Thursday December 8, 2022. 57F/14C. Dark. After several days of rain, the clouds appear to be thinning. The forest is hauntingly silent. Rarely are no woodpeckers drilling, or flies buzzing, or hawks squawking, or deer barking. Fine black lines of the tree tops embrace the pale gray sky. They are a never-ending networkContinue reading “He drew the lost”


The kingdom of heaven is very near

4:30 p.m. Wednesday December 7, 2022. 57F/14C. Sunset. The day is over way too early in the hollow in December. The western mountain sends the sun down early. The eastern ridge makes it rise late. A very loud woodpecker is checking every treetop around the cabin. He lets out his usual cackling laugh from highContinue reading “The kingdom of heaven is very near”

Seek first the kingdom of heaven

5 p.m. Monday November 28, 2022. 48F/9C. Stir. Fog fell in layers on the hollow in the early hours of the day. It allowed predatory birds of all sorts to fly stealthfully over the creek without casting a shadow. The blue kingfisher seemed best at just skimming the water and still catching a treat. ColdContinue reading “Seek first the kingdom of heaven”