Enter my peace.

A pattern of wickedness

11:30 a.m. Thursday December 2, 2021. 74F/23C. The jets planes are roaring overhead. When the planes roar, the birds go silent. Just before this, several large birds, turkeys and crows and hawks, were cawing and screeching loudly. They seem to alert their fellows to a fallen animal in the thick brush. Nothing goes to wasteContinue reading “A pattern of wickedness”

They asked what?

Edited 12:30 p.m. Sunday November 28, 2021. 58F/14C. The soil of the wet meadow is soft underfoot today. It is an indication of recent rains. Even with the additional rains, there is little water in the creek. Water there is mostly stagnant, waiting in pools between large smooth rocks for the next rainfall to moveContinue reading “They asked what?”

A time of transition

Edited 11:30 a.m. Saturday November 27, 2021. 58F/14C. With leaves gone from the tops of the tall trees, a breeze can be felt on the cabin porch. Jet planes traverse the sky overhead, leaving behind a thick white streak of cloud. Their roars are met with loud declarations in the name of Jesus. Several largeContinue reading “A time of transition”

Try this tea!

Post-Thanksgiving tea! I’ve tweaked my favorite green tea by adding a sprinkle of turmeric, cayenne pepper, a few milk thistle seeds, and monk fruit sweetener. It is bold and sweet! It fights high cholesterol and washes out the turkey gravy. It’s a good post-Thanksgiving treat. God bless you all.

The lioness of Judah

Noon Monday November 22, 2021. 56F/13C. The forest air is cool today. A jet plane roars overhead with a strange whirring sound. The blue sky is striped with thick, straight lines of clouds. The birds have gone silent leaving only a dog barking from some far off farm. Bare tree trunks and limbs curve intoContinue reading “The lioness of Judah”


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