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Enter my peace.

He drew the lost

1 p.m. Thursday December 8, 2022. 57F/14C. Dark. After several days of rain, the clouds appear to be thinning. The forest is hauntingly silent. Rarely are no woodpeckers drilling, or flies buzzing, or hawks squawking, or deer barking. Fine black lines of the tree tops embrace the pale gray sky. They are a never-ending networkContinue reading “He drew the lost”



4 p.m. Monday December 5, 2022. 46F/8C. Fog. When it falls on the hollow, the forest takes on an eerie, tightly enclosed feeling. Deer hooves pound the ground and the sound echoes in all directions. A power saw is running, maybe a mile or more away. It screeches from every direction. Its noise bounces offContinue reading “Salvation”

Rules of Conduct

4 p.m. Sunday December 4, 2022. 40F. Mar-r-r-owah. Every step across the wet meadow causes the golden cat to call even louder. He’s about to be a guide, showing the way to the creek. A trickling sound rises from its eroded banks. A little water still runs. He and the deer and possums can stillContinue reading “Rules of Conduct”

Shine, Yeshua, Shine

I walked in the bitter cold of the morning without a jacket, hoping that the bite of the wind would keep my mind alert and hold me together. There is no solid reason for this moodiness. No, the reason is spiritual. My spirit is uncomfortable like a toddler left in a crib too long. MyContinue reading “Shine, Yeshua, Shine”


It is the day of the Lord. Not the end of days, no. But it is the Lord’s day. The true Lord’s day. Let the heaven’s rejoice. Let the earth be glad. Let the nations say, “The Lord reigns”. You will dance and sing, peoples. You will celebrate, you downtrodden. You will cry out youContinue reading “Today”

Next, it begins

Noon Thursday December 1, 2022. 41F/5C. Anguish. The roaring of the jet plane overhead leaves a hollow feeling in the pit of the soul. The forest is fine. Walking is still the most healing act of the day. It’s a good day to get frost bite from walking with hands exposed to the chemically cooledContinue reading “Next, it begins”


9:30 a.m. Wednesday November 30, 31F/0C. White. Frost crystals adorned the old green truck like sparkly jewels early today. The air was cold enough to freeze laundry that was hung out at at dawn. There it is, frozen stiff, all billowed out, swinging like playful children on the line. All at once, the birds cryContinue reading “Protective”

Pure. Joy.

Mid morning Tuesday November 29, 2022. Warm, but cold. Protected. The loud woodpecker, shrieking and cackling with all his might, flew overtop the eastern ridge, claiming the whole of the territory for himself and his family. No predators would be welcome where he reigns. Something cold still falls through the air on the hollow, butContinue reading “Pure. Joy.”


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