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Perfect, whole, complete

Noon Tuesday August 30, 2022. 77F/25C. Complete. A brief but noisy thunderstorm rolled over the hollow in the night. Now the flowers stand up straight, soaking up sunlight and moisture. Now the wind blows to the south, instead of the northeast. No dust can be kicked up on the road. No mud puddles exist. TheContinue reading “Perfect, whole, complete”


There is a reward, for staying the course with God

3 p.m. Sunday August 28, 2022. 84F/29C. Averted. Dense white clouds drift over the hollow. They threaten lightning and thunder with their great volumes, but they only drop a little rain. The odd winds have returned to the hollow. They play with one treetop and move on to the next. They bring a fragrance towardContinue reading “There is a reward, for staying the course with God”

He’s got the whole world in his hands

11 a.m. Friday August 26, 2022. 77F/25C. Simple. A two-room house sits on a small lot of land in the wilderness. Each of six surrounding neighbors have much larger properties and barns and homes. Their cows bellow for attention. Their tractors rumble as they struggle to keep clear their small fields from fast growing trees.Continue reading “He’s got the whole world in his hands”

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

6 p.m. Thursday August 25, 2022. 82F/28C. Grace. Just as the morning was wearing off, all electricity in the cabin went dead. The cabin is so calm without electricity. Once the medical equipment stopped sending alarms, it was time to step outdoors and just listen. The far off rumble of generators could be heard allContinue reading “Nothing but the blood of Jesus”

He’s not who we expect him to be

4:45 p.m. Wednesday August 24, 2022. 81F/27C. Aging. It is August in the mountains. The air is pure and good for deep breathing. Care is taken in doing all things. Clearing the greenhouse, trimming dead flowers from the bases of trees. It is a good day for pushing against old age, just a little. ItContinue reading “He’s not who we expect him to be”

God will dwell among men

1:30 p.m. Monday August 22, 2022. 77F/25C. The Whooping bird is here again today. Whooping cranes are not known to inhabit the hollow, but perhaps one wandered in anyway, to spend a day amid the roots of the gnarled trees next to the creek. Or perhaps it taught its song to another species, who singsContinue reading “God will dwell among men”

Use words with authority

Noon Sunday August 17, 2022. 75F/24C. Difference. The metal composting pail hits the nylon barrel with a clunking noise. Almost empty. A few cold rain drops hit warm arms. There are a dozen birds, sounding somewhat like geese, on down the creek a ways. The water cannot be seen for the dense brush around it.Continue reading “Use words with authority”