God does as God pleases to do

12:30 p.m. Friday June 24, 2022. 89F/32C. Despite the intense heat out in the sun, no horseflies are attacking the arms or legs. Bees are quite making up for them by buzzing nonstop. They seem to love producing a great commotion just before the ears. Perspiration begins to bead up on the forehead and makeContinue reading “God does as God pleases to do”

Many questions

Noon Monday June 20, 2022. 83F/28C. ARGH! It doesn’t take much walking to feel the sun bearing down. A garden check will be done quickly. Flowers of gold, brown and white are blooming in all directions. Scratchy weeds brush against bare ankles. Those scratches feel like tomorrow’s nonstop itch. A thick squash blossom is inspectedContinue reading “Many questions”

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you

2 p.m. Sunday June 19, 2022. 95F/35C. 77F and shady indoors. The trip to town was peaceful. This being tourist season, the streets were well-populated with roaming pedestrians, RV’s and motorcycles. Locals all avoided the tourist zones, and took well-traveled side streets in their pickup trucks and vans. Roadside stands boasted of fresh blueberries andContinue reading “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you”

Today is not a day of answers

2:30 p.m. Friday June 17, 2022. 102F/39C. Dark drapes are drawn closed across all windows. There is hardly any wind to make them billow out. An extended barefoot is soothed by moving air from several fans. Again, the heat of the day is tolerated with shade and little movement. The aroma of wood smoke driftsContinue reading “Today is not a day of answers”

Some questions get answered

2 p.m. Thursday June 16, 2022. 102F/39C. As of today, all the dark splotches of water have evaporated out of the sandy soil. The torrential rains are long past. The creek sends only a trickle of water downstream. The black-eyed susan still bloom, with golden petals lining each side of the walk to the mailbox.Continue reading “Some questions get answered”

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