God’s love is greater than man’s logic

9:30 a.m. Thursday July 7, 2022. 80F/27C. Cabin curtains are open late at night and in the early morning. They allow a view of the forest that must be shut off in the heat of the day. Noises come from near the window. A clinking of something against a small pan of water that wasContinue reading “God’s love is greater than man’s logic”

It is a good day for Yeshua to be king

2:30 p.m. Tuesday July 5, 2022. 105F/41C. At the dirt road, the insects buzz relentlessly around ears and nose. Their warnings regarding their territory are tolerated for a short walk. Flowers all across the property droop but not to the ground. The yarrow still stand up straight. Their white blooms are a stark contrast toContinue reading “It is a good day for Yeshua to be king”

Keep yourself free from idols

1 p.m. Tuesday June 28, 2022. 75F/24C. The sweet gum tree really does have the sweetest aroma underneath. Deep breathing under its branches is a daily practice now. Its fruit is still green and swings on the branches up high. The aroma is very mild. As the meadow turns dry, a different species of bugsContinue reading “Keep yourself free from idols”

He is a God like no other

10:30 a.m. Sunday June 26, 2022. 82F/28C. After a tumultuous night of moving shadows and calls to prayer and vigilance, the sun rose over the eastern ridge and poured its light into the hollow. The whip-poor-will ended its all night song. Through a screen window in a cabin, a small circle of bare branches allowedContinue reading “He is a God like no other”

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