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Solu – Make the road smooth

Incomplete. Too often, discontent is a message from a loving God. It’s one of those messages that makes it awfully hard to remember to look to God while it is being delivered. The birds of the hollow are squawking. That’s not the problem. The black and gray feral cat is back, and she is hungry.Continue reading “Solu – Make the road smooth”

It will all happen rapidly

12:30 p.m. Friday March 24, 2023. 58F/15C. Rapid. About twenty minutes after the first trip outdoors, the rain slowed. A loud roar remained. It almost sounds like a train laboring through the hollow. The creek, easily visible from the cabin porch, has swollen to ten times its usual size. A swift stream runs across theContinue reading “It will all happen rapidly”

He silences accusations

6 p.m. Tuesday March 21, 2023. 41F/5C. Done. Daffodils still stand, their bright yellow blooms drooping only slightly in the chill air. Charcoal gray branches of the tall trees remain bare, their structures clearly demonstrated before the pale sky. It is a day for the large birds to soar gracefully, searching for mice and fishContinue reading “He silences accusations”

Being a participant in God’s plan

10 p.m. Wednesday March 1, 2023. 52F/11C. Fans and appliances hum in the cabin. The storm door is rattling. Upon being opened, a golden cat rushes inward. He emits a coarse mew and lays down on the cool floor. He means to present for a serious ear rubbing, which is given to him gently. HisContinue reading “Being a participant in God’s plan”