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He is the God of indescribable joy

11:30 a.m. Monday November 22, 2022. 44F/7C. Amazing. In the early morning, each bird of the hollow found its voice. Except the white-headed, red-tufted woodpecker, who used her drilling beak to take her stand. A steady tap-tap-tap came from the northern cluster of tall trees near the creek. A small white form moved back andContinue reading “He is the God of indescribable joy”

No fear. No guilt. No pain.

2 p.m. Sunday November 20, 2022. 42F/6C. Weary. There is no reason for the golden cat to be fleeing so slowly, unless he tires of acting afraid. He darts under the truck and then comes back out. He watches every daily routine, every chore, and follows from a distance. The sun glares in eyes, forcingContinue reading “No fear. No guilt. No pain.”

Who knows where the Spirit flows

5 p.m. Saturday November 19, 2022. 42F/6C. Bread. The hollow is not as cold as it has been. The ground is not frozen. Warmth rises from the sandy soil, making the soles of feet warmer than the hands. It is a good sign. With tree tops barren of all leaves, they present a bleak pictureContinue reading “Who knows where the Spirit flows”